Installing From CPAN

You can install the Wx Perl modules in the standard way from your CPAN client.

cpan -i Wx

Provided you have the required external libraries installed, this should install Wx and all its dependencies. You may wish to, or it might be required that you install Alien::wxWidgets manually first to control the options for your wxWidgets build. See wxPerl components below.

ActivePerl Compatible Binary PPMs

Pre-compiled binary PPMs for ActivePerl on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X are available from the wxPerl PPM Repository. You will find instructions there for adding the repository to your PPM client.

Complete Binary Perl Distribution

You will find a complete binary Perl distribution containing Wx at Citrus Perl.

wxPerl Components

wxPerl is provided in the form of two main CPAN distributions.


This module provides your build of wxWidgets. It can either use an existing installation of wxWidgets, or it can build wxWidgets from source.

By default, when installing from a CPAN client, the Alien::wxWidgets build script will search for an existing compatible installation of wxWidgets and use that. If no compatible installation of wxWidgets can be found, Alien::wxWidgets will attempt to build wxWidgets from source.

If you download the Alien::wxWidgets source yourself and build using 

perl Build.PL

you are given the opportunity to specifiy several options which control whether you wish to build wxWidgets from source, which version of wxWidgets to use, amongst other options.


The Wx distribution provides the Perl wrapper around the wxWidgets toolkit. Once you have Alien::wxWidgets installed it should be straightforward to install Wx in the standard way for any Perl module.