wxPerl Manual

The wxPerl Manual covers a number of wxWidgets topics from a Perl perspective and provides a useful addition to the main documentation in the wxWidgets Online Manuals.

wxPerl Manual

wxWidgets Online Manuals 

As a wrapper around the wxWidgets C++ library, wxPerl users should consult the wxWidgets documentation for a description of the API.

wxWidgets 2.8.12 documentation ( stable )
wxWidgets 2.9.4 documentation ( latest released )

For the most part the wxPerl API closely mirrors the C++ API. Where the C++ and Perl API differ, there may be a wxPerl-specific note in the manual explaining how the function calls translate to Perl. A general discussion of the wxPerl wrapper is provided by the wxPerl Primer.

wxPerl Wiki

The wxPerl Wiki provides a wealth of information for wxPerl installation and usage together with code snippets and tips.

wxPerl Primer

The wxPerl Primer provides details of the key differences between wxPerl and wxWidgets and explains the strategies employed in the design and development of wxPerl.