Thursday, March 7, 2013

wxPerl Tweets

Notifications, snippets, comments and other stuff that may not make it to the wxPerl blog will now be tweeted by @wxPerl. Do the smart thing and follow!

wxPerl Online Pages Update

To coincide with the resurrection of the wxPerl Wiki I have updated the web presence for wxPerl. The new home page is at but all existing links should redirect OK at present.

Mattia's original Manual has been re-published as the wxPerl Primer and the main documentation and support links have all been re-published at the new site.

Still 'to do' are the page listing applications built with or for use with wxPerl and Mattia's wxPerl tutorial. I think that  the Wiki might be a better home for the list of applications and users. It is better if those links are updated by the application owners themselves.

For the tutorials, I have created that is integrated with the main site. I'll be posting the tutorials there in early course.

I chose a blog format as I'd like to make regular postings about wxPerl in addition to posting about updates and releases. It seemed the logical format. It is much simpler for me to manage than the existing pages.

The original wxPerl pages have not disappeared and can be accessed at I have also placed a link to the old pages on the new site.

Hopefully as this format makes it easier for me to post to and updated the site, I'll be making regular additions in the future.